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KKS Viza Centre is an education service provider to all Sri Lankan students who opt to seek overseas education and qualification. We provide the assistance to gain entry into Global Universities in various countries of your choice.

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kks viza center

KKS Viza Centre is an affiliated student recruitment service to various destinations around the globe. We provide the university selection and entry preparations to the students for various Graduate, under graduate and diploma programmes in the most reputed universities at an affordable tuition fee. The service comes with assessing, evaluating and in selecting the apt study programme in the University or the country of desire along with all the Student Visa process and fund allocation. The Centre is operated by people who have insight knowledge on the Visa process and university selection process and procedure.

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kks viza center

We help Students gain admission into the University of choice

TOEFL and IELTS scores are not mandatory

Method of teaching is direct and in English medium

University fees are reasonable, affordable and low fee

Universities that provide high standards of Education that is globally renowned

No entrance Examination

Low living cost

Immediate Job opportunities

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kks viza center



United Kingdom

United States of America


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kks viza center

We have been interactive Education consultant who assists Sri Lankan Students to obtained entry and acceptance into Globally renowned universities providing assessment on entry qualification, Language skills, Visa and fund guidance and assistance. Our past students who have made a life out of the ‘leaf’ off our dedicated and optimum service are the track record we hold. Each student who walks into our premises has a dream, a dream to shine and we help make that dream come true. Our experience consultants will assist you all through your study programme, overseas in many ways, starting from obtaining entry into the university, visa, accommodation and other necessary assistance will be organized and provided in conjunction with the Universities.

About Us
About Us